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'Less Alone, More Alive!' is a 60 minute semi-autobiographical solo show about love, death and Borderline Personality Disorder.  

Currently in development. To find out more, please click below or feel free to get in touch. 


"...and I run.
I run from myself, to myself,
for myself"

Less Alone, More Alive!


© Photograph: Georgia Hudson


Against a backdrop of the ‘Troubles’ in Northern Ireland and an epidemic of mental illness, Suzy and the voices in her head ‘Big Red’ and ‘Little Red’ explore love, loneliness and the nature of human connection.

Less Alone, More Alive! is a 60 minute semi-autobiographical one woman show about love, death and Borderline Personality Disorder. Fragments of memory are interwoven with a big-hearted Irish story, told with tea and biscuits.


The show is accompanied by an optional workshop program which teaches creative wellbeing tools and is accompanied by a mental health first aider.





'An excitingly honest depiction of the power of human connection told with daring vulnerability' - 
Haley McGee, Olivier Award Nominated Theatre Maker

© Photograph: Cemanthe McKenzie

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© Photograph: Tallulah Self


A quarter of people now suffer from mental health issues, and for me mental health has also been a lifelong challenge.


At the time I began to write Less, Alone, More Alive! I was in a dark, lonely place. The raw material of the play comes from journaling, a wellbeing practice that I have used throughout this time to get intrusive thoughts out of my head . Yet as I began to write, fragments of material began to create resonates with one another, knots became untangled, and threads of stories began to intertwine. As I wrote, and as I shared what I wrote, I began to feel less alone, and more alive.

Through my experience & involvement in communities providing support for people with mental health challenges, I saw that what really helped people was the power of story. Whether that is writing their own story, becoming conscious of the stories that loop in their mind, or to be able to connect through stories — to watch a story and say, ‘Yes, that’s me! I felt like that too.’ 

'Thank you for modelling vulnerability'  - Participant at Open School East 

Why now?


This show has been developed through two rounds of research and development, funded by Art Council England in collaboration with organisations including Camden People’s Theatre, Power of Women and London Irish Centre, Dover Arts Online, The Beaney Museum, Crest Academy, Arts Education Exchange and Open School East.

We are now reviewing proposals from partners who want to take part in the last chapter of our development, and our final, full-stage tour.

We are looking for the following forms of support:

  • Venues to host a performance. 

  • Workshop delivery partners. 

  • Match funding. 

  • Provide support in kind (rehearsal space, marketing support). 

If your organisation would like to be involved please contact Susan and her team here. 

100% of audience members at Camden People's Theatre said they would like to see a full version of the show. 

© Photograph: Cemanthe McKenzie

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The show is accompanied by optional workshops which teach the creative wellbeing skills that Susan learned in her recovery through a ‘Creative wellbeing Toolkit.’


The workshops have been delivered to over 100 people across the South East of England, including groups with neurodivergent groups & mental health challenges, and with vulnerable groups including unaccompanied asylum seekers, and people experiencing bereavement. 

They are formulated to cultivate moments of care, joy and connection, infused with Northern Irish values around the role of food & storytelling in creating communal joy.


Workshops require an environment here we can co-create a space for our session. We bring brightly coloured rugs, cushions and these sessions are accompanied by music. A space to make and serve tea and biscuits. The workshops are accompanied by a mental health first aider. 


If you would like to book a workshop please contact Susan and here team here. 



93% of participants said that they had improved awareness of creative wellbeing tools after taking the workshop.

© Photograph: Tallulah Self 


 "Superbly written and acted."
  - Audience Member, Camden People's Theatre

© Photograph: Georgia Hudson




Amie is an actor turned director (credits include RSC, BBC).   Her performance background led her on to becoming one of the creators of the UK’s longest running immersive theatre show ‘The Great Gatsby’. Amie has  been part of Immersive Gatsby's creative team for the past 5 years, directing the West End Transfer and Korean Production.  

Amie previously directed ‘Dr Strangelove’ for Secret Cinema and was also a co -founder of The Immersive Ensemble, who are renowned for creating the groundbreaking show 'The Drop Off'.



Ruth Mariner is a writer, director and producer who works across theatre, immersive technology and video games. She has created and produced work for organisations including The Royal Opera House, The Eden Project, The Lawrence Batley Theatre, and Aardman Animations.

© Photograph: Cemanthe McKenzie



Nancy is a Movement Director, Choreographer, Theatre Maker and Teacher with an expansive skill set and a commitment to finding new and potent forms of physical expression. She is an Associate Artist at the Mercury Theatre, where she is currently developing a piece of Dance Theatre entitled Dear NeverLand - inspired by J.M Barrie's Peter Pan.  She has worked on a mix of musicals (Our House- Queens Hornchurch, I Capture the Castle – Watford palace/ Bolton Octagon), plays and films



As a playwright, Adam has had work performed at numerous venues including South Hill Park Arts Centre, New Wimbledon Studio, West Yorkshire Playhouse, Exeter Phoenix, the Northcott Theatre and at the Edinburgh Fringe. His play, Long Short story, was recently produced at the Pleasance Islington. His play Wood, was a smash hit at the Vault Festival in 2019 and transferred to the Omnibus Theatre, Clapham. He is a Margate resident and founder of The Margate Project, an ACE funded series of collaborative creative workshops for local artists.

Music and Design Anchor
Outreach Anchor

Tinderbox Theatre Company, Kate Baiden, Lemn Sissay OBE, Emma Ferrier, Haley McGee, Dr Emma Janes, Kat Woods, Patrick Handley, Theatre 503, Caroline Horton, Benn Keaveney of Mind


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