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...a new work in development exploring what a 'nice' death might look like, and how to have one.

Have a nice death...

“As Susan grew up, people disappeared. One day they were next door, the next day they were gone. Lost lives, stolen moments and final embraces. It was an undeclared civil war.


In the midst of this we drank tea, did jobs and went to school. But we did not talk about the people who disappeared. Why? Because it is happening everywhere, all around us every day…”

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Susan will present a live sharing of this piece at the end of November during Making More Waves, a festival that celebrates the incredible talents of East Kent, in partnership with Ark (formerly Cliftonville Cultural Space). This is funded by a micro-commission from ‘Looping The Loop’ an initiative for Thanet artists to experiment with ideas in a nurturing environment.

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Do you know someone who works with death, or the dying, or those who have had experiences around death? Artist Susan Crothers is looking to talk to people as research for an innovative theatre show that challenges western attitudes and practices around death.


This might include:

- Grief and bereavement councillors

- Death doulas
- People that work in funeral homes
- Palliative care nurses
- People who have had near-death experiences

If you are interested in talking, thank you. Your words will be handled with the utmost respect and sensitivity. Please email to arrange a time that is suitable to you.

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